thanks sofar

by Tekenbeet - 11/5/12 6:50 AM

In Reply to: Upgrades by Willy

Thanks to all who responded to my post.
And sure, I didn't mean SDE but SDD.
Wow, I wasn't aware XP causes premature death of ssd disks. I'll consider some linux os or just stick to HDD.
It does raise another question. I have another tablet (Xybernaut Atigo) witch has XP-embedded on some sort of integrated flash-memory. Would XP-embedded invoke same issues?

Anyway I was hoping to do this without the official support-line. It's an old machine from work. I don't know if we still pay for support for these things. I did find out I need a login to get a bios-update. I was hoping a bios-update would enable me to boot this thing from usb.

By pulling the drive I was able to image the disk and rewrite it to a spare(not having this dangling flatcable). When inserted I get ''no operating system". So I would still like to know what this flatcable is before I buy a disk SSD or HDD.

I'll send an email to the Xplore support and get back here..

Thanks again!