replacing a pocket tool, not a music player

by Nort_Thalem - 11/4/12 2:56 PM

In Reply to: Updates. by R. Proffitt Moderator

To clarify, I dont use my ipod touch for music, I use it primarily as a pocket computer for note taking, an alarm clock, web browsing, remote control for compatible devices, communication, etc. While I do occasionaly use it for music and videos, its more of my one stop shop for everything digital I do when Im away from my desktop computer, and carrying a bag for a tablet or laptop is proving to be a constant hassle. The more funtionality or ports it has, the better, since I am often working with different kinds of electronics. I dont mind something a little bigger if it adds more connectivity and ports.

Id like to upgrade to a machine that adds the extended funtionality of the android opprating system, I just need a machine with a good compliment of physical hardware and so far the nexus 4 is the best candidate so long as it will funtion without hooking it up to a cell carrier. I might grab a new 7 inch tablet instead if anyone knows of a good model that has a great number of features for the added size that the nexus 4 lacks.