Post-Firmware Update

by BroSick - 11/3/12 3:47 PM

In Reply to: Samsung Screen Flickering in 1080p by BroSick

Well, the firmware update (version 1023.2) provided on Samsung's Support website did not fix the problem, I am still getting the same inconsistent streaks and flickering occurring when setting my Xbox 360's display mode to 1080p through a (very respectable and in complete working order) HDMI. Very disappointing being that Honsfan called Samsung himself and was told to update to the latest firmware. No idea what to do now, may just have to settle for 720p/60p or 1080i/60i which is ridiculous being the price I spent on this TV.

If anyone has any other suggestions, they would be much appreciated as this is an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved as these TVs are super expensive and going through the hassle of returning it and possibly getting a new one with the same problem would be probable (very probable, knowing my luck).