One Thing I Would Recommend for Desktop Users

by Flatworm - 11/3/12 6:50 AM

In Reply to: First Impression - Windows 8 by Bill2424

Unless you have some compelling reason to do otherwise, if you are loading Win 8 on a machine already running Win 7, do it like you're installing an application -- boot to 7, put the disk in the drive, and let the autorun run it or hit Setup if you've wisely deactivated autorun on your DVD drive. Make sure to let it preserve all your files and settings. Do NOT do a clean install or a wipe-and-install, which heretofore I had ALWAYS recommended for new O/S installations.

For installation on machines running Vista or XP this might not work as well, but for installation on machines already running Windows 7 the transition is very easy and let me run everything just the way I wanted afterwards (after configuring Metro to my liking).

I now view Metro as sort of a bigger Start button.