Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM FIX - 11/2/2012

by jimh777 - 11/2/12 10:12 PM

In Reply to: Jeep Grand Cherokee stalling fixed! by 1996Jeep GC

Bless you for 1996jeep GC for you post - I was almost ready to trade off my 97 Grand Cherokee for a Honda CRV. I am just like every one else replacing sensors and everything else you can think of... and take it to a dealer and they don't have a clue... but love to charge u big time. After reading your post I am going to try it myself. I have already ordered the PCM and its supposed to be pre-programmed - does that mean I still have to take it to a dealer to get it flashed?

Before I install the new PCM I am going to try your solution but also found out in my research that the screws are just a temp fix, the main problem is the connection to the board in the computer, which most likely has broken solder joint between the connector and the board. Here is the video I found on youtube that explains it. 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM Repair -

PS Your post is old but is still helping many Jeep owners like myself...