The truth of the matter is that as we as a society keep migrating further and further towards mobile platforms which Microsoft has been hard pressed to compete in at all over the years, Windows 8 is nothing more than their attempt to try and capture some of that market share. I have installed Windows 8 as a dual boot because I am in a similar boat as you. I am a desktop PC guy, I do have a laptop that is pretty nice but to be totally honest I hardly use that. Not only have I not seen any performance improvement what so ever compared to 7, it is much a kin to what happened with the switch from XP to Vista. They have hidden everything that Windows users are accustom to and make it very hard to work with the system itself. Being an IT Professional I spent hours attempting to locate some of the simplest things that you rely on to make changes like control panel options or even the My Computer that we have gotten used to just to work with files between various drives.

While I understand that Microsoft is shaking in their boots over the market share I feel that Windows 8 could very well be the end of Microsoft all together. The truth is what has kept them on top of the market in any aspect has been the Windows Platform that we are all used to for Desktop and Laptop. I as a consumer feel like I am being abandoned from a company that I have been loyal to for years when it comes to OS platforms going all the way back to 3.1

I have found no improvement in speed boot time or any performance related quality, there are a few nice graphical features to it such as better Wallpaper downloads built in for what they now call the lock screen. Which is nothing more than the password screen. The Multitasking capabilities are awful compared to previous versions and I got Windows 8 for free as a Student of DeVry University. That being said I wouldn't pay for this OS even if it were $20 for many reasons that I have outlined but I have one more that I would like all the readers to consider for a moment if you are a non touch screen user.

Children, That's right I said children. Today's kids are growing up playing with mommy's phone and daddy's tablet and when Windows 8 is on these phones and tablets and the kids are used to poking sliding and pinching a screen to make things move, I want you all to consider your new 32' LED monitor, and your Laptop, or for you hardcore gamers god forbid your giant LCD or LED TV that you hook your computer up too and step out of the room for a few minutes. Hope you bought that accidental damage plan!

In short Woody the answer is NO, I have been repairing and building PC's and performing a lot of other IT work since the age of 13 and I can honestly say that the only ones that will be happy about Windows 8 are the screen manufacturers that will be either selling touchscreen displays for desktops or building more LED's and TV's to replace the ones that are about to get broken far more often than when the Wii came out.

Good Luck everyone, But I am staying with Windows 7 till Microsoft comes to their senses.

Paul Chapman

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