First Impression - Windows 8


So I went into my local Big Blue electronics store yesterday for my first "hands-on" with Windows 8. I've been following the announcements and previews on CNET and other online sources, but of course you can never get the full story from seeing only what professional reviewers dish out (don't worry, I still love you, CNET!).

Yes, Windows 8 is certainly pretty, a visual treat for the eyes. It seems the Metro interface is really an improvement... until you begin to actually use it for everyday PC functions. Let me say that I only spent a few minutes with it, so there may be some shortcuts I haven't found yet - and that the nice young lady salesperson didn't know either. Still, a few simple things really jumped out at me. The lack of simple app-window controls was completely confusing and frustrating. Am I missing something, or do I really need to grab-and-drag a program window from all the way from the top of the screen to the bottom to close it? By the way, dragging anything less than all the way shrinks the window and slides... but letting go of the mouse prematurely only returns the window to full-screen. Arrgghh..

And how about using multiple windows at the same time? Again, maybe I didn't find the proper key combo, but it seems I'm limited to dragging sideways to get one window open on one-third of the screen, and the other window fills the remaining two-thirds... with no ability to re-size anything.

Finally (I could probably go on, but....), the whole right-clicking thing. Instead of getting the usual shortcuts when right-clicking on any desktop tile, a right-click opens a bar at the bottom of the screen. As the previous post mentioned, the bigger your screen, the more mouse-moving all this is going to require. Really? Slide a window all the way across my 27" monitor just to close it? Slide all the way down to what used to be the taskbar just to get to options as simple as closing the program? A lot more work... a lot less productivity.

I've been coaxing a little more life out of my old laptop... I upgrading over the years from XP to 7. Now, OS/X is looking a lot more tempting when upgrade time rolls around...