Dude your wrong

by DarSwede - 11/1/12 11:06 AM

In Reply to: So let's see that app. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Rong Proffitt your completely misinformed.

WiFi is currently mirroring displays at rates needed to play a movie, a game, and any multimedia event you can think of.

I have both Android and iPads, iPhones,and a Macbook Air. They mirror over WiFi, show videos, whatever is on your screen is on the TV seamless and fluid with no stuttering, slowdowns, screen refresh issues or nothing. I can see my mouse not he screen, here the sound from my PC. I play Call of Duty over my AirPlay over WiFi all the time. Everything, all via a wireless WiFi connection via Apple TV. Yes it done today and very normal.
Android obviously doesn't have the capability to do this due to its non-centralized framework. It must depend on third-party apps to pull this off, if they ever do this internally. The only thing Android needs is a protocol to communicate over WiFi all the time.

Visit an Apple store near you for a demonstration.