2012 SmartTV has a Browser

by TecnoPhob - 11/1/12 7:23 AM

In Reply to: This is a well discussed area. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I have the UN55ES7150F SmartTV, this is the 2012 version where the Samsung SmartHub includes lots of apps as well as a browser. Be advised this is a Samsung "IE" lookalike browser and does have issues, buffering, and JAVA support being two. Browsing is fairly simplistic though navagation between open tabs (multiple sites open on different pages) is a bit tedious and requires you go to the history and select the the other window(s). Sites that use JAVA or require JAVA, just not going to work all that well, according to Samsung support they support JAVA Scripts, but not JAVA, how that happens I do not know as JAVA would have to run the script, anyway my direct experience is that JAVA scripts are not being supported.

Buffering continues to be a major issue with Samsung SmartTV, Skype, HULU and NETFLIX with HD content have been improved with latestest firmware and stream very nicely, but other APPS such as YouTube and internet sites are sketchy at best where the streams just freeze, lockup, or the session aborts. Running speedtest to a website (that does not use JAVA) I find my 50Mbps connectivity to only be showing 9Mbps through the SmartTV / Browser...disconnect the ethernet from TV and plug into a laptop and presto chango connection test to same website shows 50Mbps. I think Samsung is interjecting there hub as a server inbetween the TV and the ISP, that and the browser are both suspect. Samsung support is sending a local technician to replace the network adapter internal to the SmartTV today, I really do not think this is going to fix the bandwidth throttling and buffering issues but I called them and am going to let it play out as it may.

With all of thatsaid , general internet browseing is operational, the SmartTV unit that I have came with a bluetooth keyboard with mousepad, though the SmartTV still pops up the onscreen keyboard and there needs to be a way to disable that, when you start typing on the physical keyboard the onscreen greys out but remains on the screen, very tedious indeed. I am about ready to throw in the towel for browsing use, the other SmartTV apps are great, just browsing and JAVA support that so far is a entry level attempt...that will not make me return the SmartTV, the other features and operation with viewing of media content is just AWESOME, I know Samsung will eventually update firmware or software to get this better...if I really have to I will use a small laptop with wireless keyboard and mouse and use the SmartTV as the monitor, yes a bit self defeating but is workable I suppose.