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by thatguy40 - 10/28/12 11:41 AM

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solution to your problems
My jeep stalled and backfired and died for three months. It drove me crazy. I did everything everyone else did replacing alternator fuel pump water pump crank shaft sensor other sensors i mean just the monetary nightmare. Thene one morning i run into a post on the internet. The guy wanted 20 bucks for the solution. I figured what the hell, whats 20 bucks. low and behold the **** worked. Im still at a loss of wordss... So I'm going to give it to you free today because if your like me I know what you have gone through. This fix is a combination of all the other solutions I have read over 3 months with my problems of backfiring stalling sputtering and the like. takes 30 minutes or less

First unhook the battery cables second remove the overflow tank next on your computer on the firewall remove the three plugs that connect into the computer then you will see the two little screws that people talk about backing out (the screws short the system out) remove the screws one at a time ande add 3 8 mm washers to each screw then replace them. Next take a good electrical cleaner spray and spray the plugs and the connectors where they pug in. Spray them well to insure there clean. Let dry about 10 minutes. then take some dialectric electrical silicone and put on plugs in each hole and then in the connector spots they plug in. (this creates a better seal and connection) Plug the plugs back in. The plugs only fit where they are suppose to go so you cant go wrong. Now that the plugs are in take 24 inch zip cordes and wrap around the computer and the plugs you just plugged in. 2 cords per plug and pull each cord snug to put pressure on the plugs. 2 cords per plug cut off the remaining cord hanging off the cord. When its done. your computer will have 6 zip ties wrapped around it forcing the 3 computer plugs into the system. Thats it..... Simple and works..... I'm still amazed. i paid 20 bucks for this fix. If you cant understand what I just shared with you for free you can go to and pay 20 bucks and see the guys step by step video. I hope this helps somebody out there. Like I said Im only sharing it because my jeep just about drove me crazy and broke me.... The **** worked and i'm still amazed....20 bucks good lucl....

Just a guy that wants to help