Stopzilla just claimed infection cookie in 2012

by Recent_Purchaser - 10/27/12 7:06 PM

In Reply to: Not a scam by STOPzillaBen

I just got Stopzilla recently and the number of infections it claimed seemed hard to believe, considering the order of running it in safe mode, regular mode, without connecting to the internet, etc. When reading through the cookies it had, it claimed one of them was from - in the scan completed in October, 2012. This was after it alternated prompting me with a toll free number to call if this message was seen again, and when I did, they tried to tell me they could give me a discount on a service that would help with this problem. Software was steering me to a "sales opportunity" and they asked, if I installed it for general protection or for an active infection? God help the poor folks who answered they installed it for an active infection - that is what they obviously prey on. I was suspicious of the software at the beginning when it claimed with a warning that it detected installed software that degraded my system performance and it recommended removal of both of these software programs. The offenders? Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes AntiMalware! (two software programs that have served me well and never steered me wrong like Stopzilla seems clearly to be trying to do). Explain these items, please Ben - while you make sure you lose my credit card number and give me a refund.