RE: "but the file properties"

by theup3985 - 10/24/12 6:23 PM

In Reply to: " but the file properties"? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Yes, in Windows Explorer, when you navigate to the directory where the .MTS file is located, and then when you select the file you can see at the bottom of the Windows Explorer pane the file attributes (i.e. file format, length, size, etc.) (You can also right click on the file and select "properties", navigate to the "details" tab, and view the same information).

I don't know much about CODECs, but I'd assume it's whatever the defaults are that came with Windows 7. Also, I thought Windows 7 Home Premium edition (what I'm running) supported .MTS video files, no? Otherwise, how could I even import, view, and edit .MTS files like I've been doing all this time in the first place? I'm a little confused...