Samsung Lemon Refrigerator

by TME4TLS - 10/21/12 5:21 AM

In Reply to: Did you get an answer for this problem? by KsReid45

The strong odor gradually abated and no real cause for it was found.

The original problem, water in the bottom of the refrigerator, is still there to a lesser extent. We endured a total of 7 service calls and 5 replaced parts.

Now we have a new problem, frost in the freezer. Actually I believe we have a true lemon and with the A & E service agreement there is a provision for replacement which I will try to activate once the service tech finally shows up to fix the latest problem. Actually, the service call was originally scheduled for 10/17 and when no one showed up I called and found it ha been rescheduled to 10/24 with no notice.

A & E is very slow to schedule and arrive for a service call. Why? There is a Sears service center close by and when I passed by just a few weeks ago there were no less than 9 A & E service trucks parked on the lot. I offered to take a photo and send it to someone in charge but it was denied since there isn't an email address to send it to.