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Be sure to use a tripod or some other steadying device (chair, shelf...). No handheld capture. Learn to use the white balance. There are presets available for different types of lighting. And hopefully the computer you use to edit has the horsepower (and video editing application) to deal with AVCHD-compressed video.

The Canon HF R series may not have the lens filter threads for the wide angle lens mount - you may need to move to the HF M series. Sorry about that. If the camcorder has a "lens filter diameter" or "filter diameter" measurement specification (in this price range around 37mm to 43mm) then screw-mount lenses will work. If the spec is not listed or indicates "N/A" that is because there are no threads to mount a filter (or a lens).

Setting the expectation: Your price range is entry-level to lower-mid range of consumer camcorders. No fair expecting "professional grade" results (that would come from prosumer or professional camcorders costing at least five times more than your stated budget).