Re: open source document management search

by zenkovic - 10/19/12 9:45 AM

In Reply to: Re: cataloging by Kees_B Moderator

Thanks. This produced some interesting returns -- I had been searching on "cataloging software" before, which returned far fewer results. I did add "personal" to the search to get rid of the enterprise system results. Still haven't found something right on-target, but I'll continue looking.

I have a tidy little network at home, but rather than have one PC act as a file server, I mirror the entire filesystem across all three of my PCs and keep them synchronized. (It's just me at home, so sync'ing is no big deal.) At home I do almost everything on my desktop, but at work everything is done on the work laptop, which I then synchronize with the desktop as soon as I return from work. ... A side benefit of this is that the laptops effectively act as backups for the desktop, and vice-versa.