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by Big Steve - 10/18/12 12:18 PM

In Reply to: Printers by pgc3

Can you print on various sized envelopes with your HP C5550? My Photosmart C5280 All-In-One was acting like it was on crack yesterday. I put a standard No. 10 envelope in it to print; I have about 20 different templates stores in My Documents but yesterday it printed only half of the address.

I always go to preview and check the settings but unless I buy another printer before Christmas I plan to disconnect this puppy; put it back in my closet and unpack and reconnect my 1998 model Deskjet 895Cse inkjet printer which will run circles around this C5280 before I address my 100 or so Christmas cards.<div>

HP doesn't make printers today as good as when the 895Cse was made; that is one tough printer. A relative emailed me last night and told me to take a look at an HP Officejet Pro 8600; it's a huge printer plus it has a fax which I don't really need since I already have a fax. Whenever you decide which model Canon printer you plan to buy come back here and post. Canon answered a question I posted on their Fb page a few days ago; they told me they had no printers that would do what I wanted to do with it.