Any updates?

by karenleepatoo - 10/16/12 8:51 AM

In Reply to: fixed pn58b550 plasma by addhyperactive

Just checking to see if you've heard any updates on how this repair has worked for folks. I had a 59" that a friend put a knuckle thru accidentally and can't afford to fix or replace. Killer 'cuz it was only 11 months old.

Anyway, I'm buying a used 50" that has one black line through it. If a second line shows up I'll want to give this a try. I'm a little nervous although I have been successful adding memory to my laptop and other odd jobs.

Any down side to giving this a try?

Thanks for this post. Karen

p.s. I had a 29" tube TV for over 20 years. I'm very disappointed that the industry seems to have gone the way of throw-away products...I don't know who of us can afford that!