I'm not the OP

by Pepe7 - 10/14/12 2:59 PM

In Reply to: I think you missed the point by mrmacfixit Moderator

My reply wasn't to you either wink. I am more capable than 99% of BB employees, LOL wink

That said, you make some great points. FWIW though, in my haste to reply to the OP, I didn't include what, at my house at least is, the 'secret sauce'. Printer Pro- a free iOS app for (non-ePrint) printing. Works like a charm. None of our printers are Airprint capable either, btw, and there currently isn't a single box in the house running OSX, etc. 8-). As usual though, YMMV. Oddly enough though, we still can't figure out why the iPad 2 (even after being factory reset) won't work, but the first and newest iPad will <shrug>.

There are some other iOS printing apps as alternatives to Airprint, but I haven't tried any of them yet. Maybe others can comment on those.