System Restore

by arnie - 10/14/12 12:30 PM

In Reply to: Sorry by R. Proffitt Moderator

Hi Bob,

First I want you to know the software editors at CNET rate Advanced System Care (IOBIT) at five stars(*****) and highly recommend the download.;6 I don'y think It is a run of the mill cleaner.

Now to System Restore:

First, I removed all the restore points (except one) using the included program and afterward tried it. It still don't work.

Second, I used the program SFC /scannow at the command prompt. and this is what it told me: 'Widows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them'. But didn't tell me what they were.

Third, I ran System Restore in 'safe mode' after doing the above steps with the same results. It didn't work.

Now I'm out of tools so I still need your help.

You asked why I need System Restore. I really don't. but here's why I want it to work. Pretend the dome light in your Corvette is burned out. It doesn't really effect how the car runs but you know that one night on a dark road you will need the light to look at a map... but the light doesn't work . So you attempt to fix it but you realize you have the wrong kind of screwdriver. So you go looking for one. That is what I'm doing, looking for the right tool.