I think you missed the point

I was making about ePrint vs AirPrint printers.
An ePrint capable printer needs an internet connection, an Airprint printer does not.

I have a home network, with wireless, an ethernet laser printer, an Epson Inkjet Wireless/Ethernet printer, three Macs (1 laptop), a WinBox and an iPad.
The Macs and the Winbox, each wired to the network, can print to either of the printers, the laptop (wireless) can also print to the printers.
The iPad, on the other hand, cannot see either of the printers.

Connecting an ethernet printer to a network, or even to the wireless router itself, does not make the printer visible to the iPad.
Connecting a wireless printer to an existing wireless network does not work either as the protocol for printing is not intrinsic to the wireless network.

Although it sound logical that it should work, it doesn't but there are pieces of software (Epson has one) that allows the user to print certain things to a regular printer. The printer just has to be on the same network as the iPad.

Bottom line; if the users is just starting out and does not already have a printer available, then an Airprint capable printer is the way to go.

Take a look at this site for a list of available AirPrint printers:

Do not confuse, or allow the salesman at Best Buy to convince you, that ePrint is the same as AirPrint, It is NOT