They can't

by Hategrin - 10/8/12 10:49 PM

In Reply to: understand...partially, but.... by jimmurray1946

A business is NOT A DEMOCRACY.

A business has an owner, a KING, a CZAR. It's a TOTALATARIAN system. At best (or worst) it has a council or a board of directors that make the decisions. It's PRIVATELY OWNED, that means if they don't like your t-shirt they can fire you for breaking the dress code.

Now of course they might have to shift their reasoning around to make it comply with labor laws, but if you keep writing stories that **** off investors then you're gonna get canned. I don't care if you're the dali llama of capitalism and labor laws in your country, they'll find some way to keep you from publishing media that damages their investors/products images.

Even if that means you get moved to a job sharpening pencils.

If you don't think so then you really should get some work experience. You don't vote on company policy, you don't get to decide if you want to endorse their products, you're told what to do and what to say; sometimes your contract even extends to after you've quit / gone off the clock.

Don't think so? Look at Sony's lawsuit against Jerry Lambert.