CNET's fault

by RunawayPancake - 10/7/12 8:13 PM

In Reply to: How to kill the Babylon Virus by zorathruster

"They proclaim that you are given a choice...not so, I selected 'no' to every question and got the cootie anyhoo."

"They" being CNET. The same happened to me - i.e. I downloaded selected software from the CNET site, answering "no" to all of the requests to download additional, unrequested software. Result - I was infected with Babylon.

Before this, I thought CNET was reputable and stupidly trusted them. That trust turned out to be misplaced. Never again. My "choice" from now on is to avoid CNET. If their management decisions are this poor when it comes to downloads, how can you trust their reviews?