Privacy, Security, Results, "sound's about right"!

by gflash128 - 10/7/12 10:21 AM

In Reply to: gflash 128 by robb7thurston

Thank you for the complete and useful information!
I'm not the kinda guy who needs secrecy ( no Adult sites, etc.), but I DO NEED ACCURACY!
Now that the better known search engines are all sharing info and dropping tracking cookies, I can't get a simple relevant answer. Plus my search responses are tailored to my surfing! The best is when one search engine sends you to another search engine who sends you ultimately to ASK .com with a completely different querry.
Your answer seems just the thing, I'll be checkin' it out!
As to the Metasearch at Berkeley, what is the reasoning for the caution?
In your "Argument against Berkely's negative..." I'm not sure what the list that follows is representing?
Any "More" Help?