Short-cuts that aren't !! Aaaaargh !

by TechnofobiaRulesOK - 10/5/12 3:16 AM

In Reply to: Let's get down to BASICS ... by Edward ODaniel

What 'abbreviations' are you guessing ... ? 'ANO' I thought was fairly universal.

Hey Ho - I will write in full to save ... etc

Right click, then Propereties, results a window called Shortcut to Seagate (F) Properties. In it is shown a Target & Target Location - F:\

An Option across the bottom being 'Find Target (or two others).

This Option results in Browse - but where - if I try 'My Computer' it shows drives - A, C, D, E (& J, which is interesting as that is the drive of the 2nd Off-line Storage device that has the Red Question Mark on it).

It appears, but I may well be worng, that my PC is having difficulty in Locating Drives.

Could this Issue be caused by incorrect Removal of Hardware (not doing Safely Remove .... process) or by Installing some New Software - like a PC Clean-up or Maintenance suite.

Many Thanks once again for you help