Unhappy about repair service

by Isabella705 - 10/4/12 5:50 PM

In Reply to: Sorry to hear... by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I am glad to find a Samsung representative to hear my complaint and though I suspect it will be in vain, at least I will let off the steam out of my system. I bought an Samsung Smart TV (UN60D8000) at Future Shop on November 2011. It was working fine for 9 months until the Bluetooth stopped working therefore disabling the QWERTY remote and active 3D glasses. Being an electronic engineer myself I perfectly understand that technology fails (even when you pay good money for it), especially when this technology is a novelty. What I cannot understand and amazes me is the lack of respect and responsibility with the customer. I called Samsung the first week of September after troubleshooting the TV myself following the steps recommended on their website and doing a thorough research on internet about this issue. The person who answered my call in my opinion lacked a technical background but having all my information at hand I could passed quickly enough this first barrier and got my call transferred to a repair service center. I once again explained this person the problem, insisting in what the defect was so the repair person could come prepared to fix my TV. Of course that did not happen. The tech they sent after 15 days came empty handed as if you could repair the TV only by looking at it. I noticed that he was seeing this model close for the first time. I had to explain him how to reset to factory defaults, etc. And then he said he would have to order the parts that could be involved and that it would take between 5 and 10 days. After 15 days without hearing from them, I again called Samsung and they could not even find my ticket, I explained that the first time they transferred me to a repair service center and asked to be transferred again but the representative said he could not do that, then I asked for a phone number where I could call directly the repair center and he again said he did not have a phone number to give me, after I insisted he them gave me a phone number telling me that I would probably had to wait till Monday to call (it was last Sunday, September 30). But I called anyway and got someone to answered me. They had already received one of the parts they ordered but were expecting for the second one which they should received in the next four days. Today (exactly 4 days later) I got a call saying they got the part and I should call again to coordinate the tech visit which I did and I will be having (hopefully) my TV repaired on October 20, more than one month and a half after my first contact. So Samsung does not have direct service, understood, but could they care less for their Canadian customers? Sure they are glad to receive our money. I have read service reviews on other websites that are really scary stories attune with the upcoming Halloween...