Re: your answers

by Kees_B Moderator - 10/4/12 12:46 PM

In Reply to: 10 Easy Questions answered by TechnofobiaRulesOK

2. What exactly was required (by whom or what?) to do in that run-box?
3, 4. Thanks for the explanation blush .
5. Great idea.
6. Very unclear.
8. I had expected an answer like "on the desktop".
9. If they still are there, they aren't in the recycle bin.That's 100% OK.

You told you needed to "restore" them. There's no way to interprete that as "remove question marks" without being told so.
And I surely wonder what those question marks are. I've never seen desktop icons with question marks on them.

Now an alternative for the run box:
Start>All programs>Desktop accessories>Command prompt.
That's 4 clicks to get a very big run box. Now type what you would have typed there (that's still a mystery) and end with the <enter>-key (there's no OK button, but the enter key does the same here).

Hope this solves your problem.