infocratsweb1 :I have never used Metasearch

by robb7thurston - 10/4/12 10:46 AM

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From Wikipedia on Metasearch engines:

Metasearch at the Open Directory Project
Guide to Meta-Search Engines by UC Berkeley libraries with recommendation not to use them for serious research.
Meta-search: More heads better than one? Argument against Berkeley's negative recommendation

Internet search

Web search engine (List)
Collaborative search engine
Metasearch engine


Local search
Vertical search
Search engine marketing
Search engine optimization
Search oriented architecture
Selection-based search
Social search
Document retrieval
Text mining
Web crawler
Federated search
Search aggregator
Index/Web indexing
Focused crawler
Spider trap
Robots exclusion standard
Distributed web crawling
Web archiving
Website mirroring software
Web search query
Voice search
Natural language search engine
Web query classification


Image search
Video search engine
Enterprise search
Semantic search

and standards

Search/Retrieve Web Service
Search/Retrieve via URL
Representational State Transfer
Website Parse Template
Wide area information server

See also

Search engine
Desktop search
Online search