more bad customer service and shoddy goods

Hi, thought i'd share a recent experience with my beloved 'Sony', its actually ongoing but i'll give you the gist.
3 months ago i purchased a new SVE1511W1ESI, i thought i couldnt go wrong, ive had so many Sony products in the past as i was genuinely a fan of there products, this being my 2nd Sony laptop, but i was so wrong.
Id seen the laptop on the website, liked the look of it and the Specs were great, being an avid Sony fan i signed on the dotted line thinking that i'd be covered with a class product for at least the next few years.
i took it home, powered it up and set about 'setting it up', my first impression was 'oh my god thats the worst viewing angle ive ever seen what the hell??" ....not great, then as i went to press the eject button on the disc drive the button consequently decided "well ive had quite enough of this abuse" and snapped off inside, on later inspection it turns out the eject button was attached to a tiny thin PLASTIC pin that pushed into actual drive, and this snapped?...shocking.
it was about a week later i started noticing other imperfections, the edge of the screen bezel was making contact with the top of the keyboard when you opened and shut it causing lots of tiny scratches on the black glossy plastic, and the actual edge of the screen where it met the top cover felt sharp and unfinished like it had a cover on, marks and scratches where the webcam meets the keyboard when its closed, i mean this thing is 3 months old and it looks in a worse state than my 4 year old Dell! I carry it from room to room in my house, is its main purpose in life not to be mobile? well no ones attacking me on these little house journeys, im not using it to defend myself!, so where the hell are all these scratches and marks coming from? soft plastics thats where from, you only have to brush past this laptop and it needs a band aid, and its soooo flimsy, im not expecting the screen to see its first birthday as it might as well be housed in cheese, and you would of thought they would of at least bothered to put a decent screen in the thing but im afraid not, all you have to do is move your head from side to side and the viewing angle changes the picture...which isnt brilliant either.
So...sent an email to Sony to let them know that there laptop is a fat pile of pants (politely), got a response 3 days later apologizing for my inconvenience and requesting pictures of said faults with a reply, ok...why not, so i did. i edited them with text pointing out all the flaws, 6 pics in all....nothing. a week later i sent another email asking for an update to which i got a reply 3 days later...apologizing for my inconvenience and requesting pictures of said faults with a reply....(the original reply was still on the thread at the bottom of the email)..ok then, so i did it again...nothing. sent another email asking why i hadnt heard from them, got a reply apologizing for my inconvenience but there were no pictures attached to any of my reply's could you please send pictures of said faults with a reply....losing the will to live...i shrank all the pictures just in case, and sent 2 emails, one with pics, and one telling them i had sent the pics again and to let me know if they get them....and they did!
unfortunately they studied the pictures in detail and decided that its all wear and tear and down to me and my house battles that i apparently indulge in on a daily basis.
i am no longer a Sony fan, i look at this laptop like the irritating brother that you cant stand to be near but have to tolerate.
i will continue to rant at them for a while longer just because i can, and because they deserve it, im just glad that im not the only one that can see that Sony...once the undisputed king of gadgets and all things techy and gizmo like, have not only 'slipped a bit'....but have thrown there old cheap rude fat carcasses down a 50 floor stairwell.
never again
rant over happy