10 Easy Questions answered

by TechnofobiaRulesOK - 10/4/12 9:35 AM

In Reply to: My answer to your other post. by Kees_B Moderator

1. Line 5 of my original Thread refers.

2. Run box required because that was what appeared to be required.

3. Am Male and Straight ! ANO = ANOther.

4. ANO is not here.

5. Seagate & Iomega are the 2 x Storage Devices - Copy certain Data and Files to them OFF-Line, as security against Loss.

6. Each have shortcuts, BUT now (for inexplicable reasons) they have bid RED Questyion Marks over them indicating that they cannot be linked.

7. I'll gladly try. But what would you suggest. Would it not be easier to recreate what had worked 'fine' for 2/3 yrs.

8. Dont understand. No idea where shortcuts are or go - kinda hard to see software.

9. Shortcuts have NOT disappeared. Still there,as Icons, BUT they dont work. Zilch in Recycle Bin. Have checked.

10. Good point, BUT right now - Shutting the stable door, AFTER the horse has bolted is the phrase that springs to mind.

Thanks for all your help.