My answer to your other post.

(that was in a very old thread): (which I locked now).

Things you don't tell:
1. Did the first method from Tufenuf work? That was this: Right click your Start button, choose Properties, under the Start Menu tab click the Customize button, under the Advanced tab-(Start Menu Items:) checkmark Run Command, click OK/Apply/OK
2. Why you think you need the run box to solve your problem about missing shortcuts.
3. Who ANO is (your boyfriend? or any of these: ? Or something else?)
4. If ANO can't create them again
5. What you mean with "off-line storage devices".
6. What you mean with "shortcuts to links"
7. Why you can't make that shortcuts in some other way (or did the links disappear also?).
8. Where that short-cuts were before they disappeared
9. Why that shortcuts disappeared and if they don't happen to be in the recycle bin.
10. Why you didn't copy those shortcuts to your backup if you didn't want to lose them.

Ten easy questions, so I'm expecting 10 answers.

The answer to how to save the reg-file to your hard drive is to click on that link Tufenuf gave, and then click on the Save File button in the dialog box that pop ups.