Deleting unwanted programs - insufficient permission ? -

by 411-60 - 10/2/12 4:37 AM

In Reply to: Can't uninstall AVG 2011 Free Edition by amanda061285

I had a program I couldn't delete, that was getting that insufficient permission notice . I found out how to do it. If you go into - start - select control panel. Then under where it says - user controls and family safety ...choose - Add or remove user accounts - Under - Additional things you can do ... click - go to the main user accounts page - click -'Turn user account control on or off' then turn it -off-. This will allow you to delete any pesky files, your self . Also in this section you can change the Administrator to yourself and create a new password and picture. The P.C. will want to shut down and restart to put changes into effect. You should then have total control of your P.C.