AVG is a Virus - get rid -

by 411-60 - 10/2/12 5:25 AM

In Reply to: uninstalling avg 011 free by karron97

Avg is a highly aggressive and useless program. The uninstall program is nothing but an undertow . I find that there are 2 much better better programs that work well together , and actually protect your P.C. FROM getting viruses, rather than simply preventing access to infected files. Both are free - and also Quiet . The first is AVAST! free anti virus - the second is MALWAREBYTES . Get both, but don't bother with the free full protection 24 day trials, as they will bug you to upgrade during this period. The AVAST! - runs itself , but the daily updates have a loud announcement pop up . Fortunately the volume can be muted using your Realtek speaker control , where it is listed there. MALWAREBYTES should be run periodically to check for Malware , and lets you remove bugs. If your suspecting a problem , run it . This program won't update itself automatically and you should check it for your updates. Can't get Rid of AVG ? don't feel bad , everyone has this problem. If you are not the first purchaser on your P.C., Do THIS > I had a program I couldn't delete, that was getting that insufficient permission notice . I found out how to do it. If you go into - start - select control panel. Then under where it says - user controls and family safety ...choose - Add or remove user accounts - Under - Additional things you can do ... click - go to the main user accounts page - click -'Turn user account control on or off' then turn it -off-. This will allow you to delete any pesky files, your self . Also in this section you can change the Administrator to yourself and create a new password and picture. The P.C. will want to shut down and restart to put changes into effect. You should then have total control of your P.C. > Now Delete AVG files by right clicking on it in your programs list and choose - Open file in it's location - DELETE it and anything else AVG has installed. Be sure to turn your accounts control back ' on '. install the 2 new anti viruses. Lastly , always read the user agreement stuff and remove the check marks from ANY tool bar offer . NEVER accept a tool bar! They are constantly honing in on your signal , and giving themselves preferential access. They HARM your P.C. ! > This post refers to Windows/Vista only ...Mac I know nothing about. -K