by abhip30 - 9/28/12 12:35 AM

In Reply to: TRUE!!! by R. Proffitt Moderator

Cool software. The description indeed speaks of it's unstoppability. Yet my mp3 when connected to the computer is detected as a portable device and the "source" field in RU copier refuses to accept the music folder stored on it...i.e, i can browse to the folder and click "ok", yet the "source" filed remains blank. I can normally browse to the folder containing my music (on my mp3 player) though.

@ Kees_B : I could use a little bit o' optimism here. I'm already down and depressed what with the player gettting f***ed up!! Also, my mp3 refuses to play only a few of them, ~60% of them, while the rest of them it works fine with. So if there's only those few corrupt files, why is it that i am not able to copy any song of the folder. Logically, i should have been able to get atleast the normal files off of the folder right?