Sony NWZ S543 help required!!!

by abhip30 - 9/26/12 7:04 AM

In Reply to: MP3 Files & Windows 7...Something's Wrong! by CoryMCasper

To the tech samaritans every where....... i am done trying to find a solution to this by myself!! My wit's end would be an understatement of where i've reached in tryin to solve this thing...... hopeth ye can shine some light.

All was fine up until a month ago, my Sony NWZ S543 was running like a beaut... i'd used it for anything apart from listenin to the songs i'd dumped on it a few months ago. One fateful day, out of nowhere, the mp3 player started going haywire. It played the first 2 secs for some songs, and skipped to the next, and next until it came to some particular song that would play fine. On some other songs the player prompts " FIle in unreadable format ", point to note being that all these songs that had been on it (and I have been listenin to them) for years now, there's no reason why it should stop recognizing these songs. Also, i noticed that i'd added a fresh batch of songs a few months ago and those songs are playing fine.... it is the ones i used to listen a lot to that have started goin crazy. Also, previously all i had to do was connect the mp3 to the pc to transfer files, but now internet explorer hangs if i try to open the folder. And kaspersky doesnt do a scan on the device because it is detected as a walkman and not a 'portable device'. I want to know if there is a method by which i can force backup all the songs so that i can reformat the whole damned thing!