Paglight C6

by mamalekimsn - 9/24/12 7:39 AM

In Reply to: camcorder lights by laurencewithau

Hi to Hi boya84 and laurencewithau

I'm also new in this matter... I was very interested in this review from both... Because I buy at first in my life an light for video on an second hands market in Antwerp... Belgium. I seem to be one of the lucky one... The battery Ni-Cd hold the light for 2 hour 100% working. I have understand the disadvantages of halogen and Ni-CD. It is truth... Ni-CD hase an memory effect... The battery work as I mentioned well but when the halogen lamp come useless than is it over with filming with the light. The heavy battery issue is also negatieve... But as I understand: Paglight change the Ni-CD to NIMH and are lighter now. Also they going to make an new model of the C6 were the ledlight and the Litthium battery going to be standard.

I have learn something from this discution... But I have 1 question for Mister Boya84... Is the Ebay paglight still there to buy? Because... I have no lucky: My paglight C6 has no accessory (ring) with diffuser, dichroic or bardoors.

My search on Internet is useless because it are new packs and on the other hand is it not easy to find only the accessory. The accessory new to buy by Packlight is to expensive so therefore my interest.

For now ..; I make on my own wit carton and some color plastic... red and white and find so my way...

Kind regards to all likes filming.... Sorry... I'm Dutch!