Reporting Back : Success!

Hello to all,

(I'm sorry it has taken me so long to report back to you...)

Kees, I did what you said -- just copied them to a CD since it had worked before, and eureka! The CD worked perfectly in my car. The display on my car CD said MP3; I guess I didn't notice that in the past.

I also tried my "new" CD in an old (8+ years) boombox, but it did not work. So I downloaded the program that Ed recommended and will make another CD for the boombox.

Once again, I thank you all for reading my query and for your prompt and obviously VERY helpful replies. As I boogie down the Highway of Life now listening to my "new" CD, I will be saying a little prayer of thanks to my friends at CNET Forums -- between music tracks.

Cheers! - Ellie