Bose QC15 and Nokia -BH905i

by Canonli - 9/23/12 7:32 AM

In Reply to: Sennheiser MM550 vs Nokia BH-905i by MicmiC901

I have Bose QC15 and Nokia -BH905i
Sound quality is pretty much the same
BH feel softer on the ears, Bose does not feel as comfortable with this ugly big speakers.
When you run on a treadmill Bose sucks big time because of the cable moving in front of you. With BH 905i I don't have that problem.
Also is much easier to travel with BH-905I, You don't have to look for that ugly long cable getting stuck on a doorknob or someone's seat.
Be careful for fake Nokia BH 905 On eBay
Always look for genuine
The fake ones cost $50-$90
The genuine cost 200-350
I've paid for mine
Bose QC15 $400. *** ( I regret this)
Nokia BH905 $250. ********
Hope this helps.