Same issue here.

by BLONDEY998 - 9/21/12 5:06 AM

In Reply to: Jeep Grand Cherokee stalling fixed! by 1996Jeep GC

My husband was cussing screaming asked if I would go online to see if any help.. When I did I seen this and new this was the issue..He told me that is stupid there is no friggin way..I said what do you have to loose? After 30 min of telling this man that I have been married to that his wife is right, he finally did it..Yep thank you, Again when the wife says she is right, dont you like the other posts the codes were all over the place and made no sense we backed out a lil the screws on pcm and wham there it is..Now I will go to hardware store and pick up sheet metal screws as if you want it done do it yourself..Just wondering when he gets to work, if in fact he will give me the credit or take it himself..Thanks again for all the details that helped all that posted about the stalling issue..