Gaming settings

by Diego2thebay - 9/20/12 7:20 PM

In Reply to: Game Settings on this VT50 by Wescyde

I would stay away from Game mode. In my experience with Panasonic plasmas Game mode is not too far off Vivid or "Torch mode". Meaning the set will be drawing far more energy than it needs to but more importantly it will be outputting more heat directly affecting the lifespan of the television. Ideally if your set is calibrated correctly you shouldn't have to change mode. Most people will default to either game mode or Dynamic when playing video games for that added color pop but keep in mind as these games evolve most studios and game directors are now going for either a photo realistic or cinematic look. You lose these effects when forcing the set to output added information or color. Try the Custom settings posted up top first. I've see video games on this set calibrated and they're stunning. Best of luck.