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by ominster - 9/20/12 10:19 AM

In Reply to: Quicken now owns Mint? by ominster

I guess you can't edit here or it has a time limit? Didn't want to repost but I did want to mention..

I tried Mint. I don't like that I need to immediately start giving them bank and credit card login data so they can auto-sync my information. I'd prefer a much more generic way of entering in expenses myself while specifying it's a credit card, entering the interest rate by hand and the current balance.

I don't trust them with my data, but I did try it. They didn't have 2 of the store credit cards I attempted to sync (large stores like Newegg Preferred Credit). They did have Dell though. I entered in 2 valid large credit card logins (Chase Bank, Barclay Card US) and it failed to log into either back end after several retries.

I think I'd avoid Mint. In fact if the next package I try asks me for login data, I'm just going to write my own online application for personal use. All I need is a balance sheet with some basic reporting, it shouldn't be this hard..