No. Why?

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 9/19/12 6:01 PM

In Reply to: WHAT DO U GUYS THINK OF SOUNDFORGE by coonsanders

Because sound cleaning is something that only the person who did the cleaning can declare it good or not good enough. In the circles I run, we have software programmers with years of experience that will create a custom filter.

Imagine that you need to remove a gunshot at a specific point. No off the shelf cleaner will do that. Your programmers with probably decades of work in that field will have to create the cleaner.

So my answer is no and no off the shelf software could pass some folk's criteria.

-> With that out of the way, try titles and see which does the best job.

Also, it was a shame last year when I was asked this question. After going through a long list of titles they finally revealed they were trying to clean up an old cassette tape of the beach boys. They wanted one song and they exploded when I noted you could buy it on iTunes for 99 cents. They never revealed why they were willing to spend 99 bucks on cleaner software but not 99 cents for a fresh MP3.