Customer service culture

by ferozeaftab@... - 9/19/12 10:41 AM

In Reply to: Sony customer service by cdavidc

We at our University ordered six Sony Vaio Z series machines three weeks ago with a delivery date of one week. The shipment never arrived and when we called to inquire we were passed from one to the other with no good answer about the delay. We were give a new date every time we called and when it did not happen they would promise to "look into it" again. When we decided to cancel the order, they said since the computers have already been shipped for overnight delivery, the order cannot be cancelled. They would not give a tracking number and probably they were talking about the nights gone by (overnight) delivery. Their culture is just lie to the customer. I experienced the same at one of their stores where I bought a laptop for my personal use too. Please dont believe a word they say........... find another product where they value customer.