Samsung Australia NO HELP

by erynnecampbell - 9/18/12 6:51 PM

In Reply to: Re: Avengers Blu-ray not Playing by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Ive already contacted Samsung Australia who really, were no help at all.

I told the customer service person that the last time Samsung had updated the firmware was in 2010. All he could say was the engineers were updating firmware for certain models but couldnt tell me which ones and when that would be done.

Really, this isnt good enough. After spending over $2000 on a system that is supposed to be "top of the range" its pretty pathetic when it wont play the new format 3D discs.

Consumer Affairs here i come.
(I also have the HT-C5950W with lastest firmware installed htb-c6930wwb-1013.2)