Outlook Express

by Manpreet_C Dell staff - 9/17/12 2:22 PM

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If you are using Windows XP on the computer, you can refer to this article for configuring Outlook Express.
1. You can refer to this link for specific settings for sbcglobal.net.
2. Click 'personalize your support' mentioned in 'There are multiple versions of this article. To see other versions, personalize your support' and this prompt appears: Image
3. Select the Email Program, Operating System and click Continue. Follow the instructions mentioned below.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, Outlook express has been replaced with Windows Live Mail. You can either use it or use Microsoft Outlook 2010.
If so, you need to select the Microsoft Outlook and OS on the link for specific settings for sbcglobal.net and follow the instructions.

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