My MPEG- 1 Layer 3 audio files are MP3s?

by elliehowe - 9/16/12 8:36 PM

In Reply to: It's a mp3 file by Ed Mead Moderator

Hi, Ed!

Thanks so much for your rapid response. After leaving this site I'm going to download the burning program you recommended.

Another question then, if this works... Some of the songs I found online to buy are labeled as MP3 audio files. If I buy one of those, can I just use the burning program to convert it to a regular audio file? If I find any other audio file formats (WAV maybe?), will this burning program convert those to a regular audio file I can play in my car CD?

I'm really excited that you've told me how to do the conversions... There are so many old songs that I can only find on the internet to buy -- but I don't want to have to sit at my PC all day to listen to them!

Thanks again, Ed!