My MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio files are MP3 audio files?

by elliehowe - 9/16/12 8:49 PM

In Reply to: However ... by Kees_B Moderator

Hello, Kees_B!

Thank you so much for responding to my plea for help. I don't know how I would ever manage in this high-tech world had I not discovered CNET Forums. (I am very old and truly behind the times when it comes to computers and iPads and apps and droids and clouds....) Forum members have helped me sooooooo many times when I've been up the creek so to speak.

I'll try right now to copy a few to a DC -- er, I mean CD -- to see what happens, as you suggested. If it doesn't work, then I'll use the program Ed mentioned to convert them to audio files. There are so many wonderful and obscure songs I find on the Internet -- every genre -- one hit wonders -- no longer on "vinyl" -- so I buy them, but I don't want to have to sit at my PC all day to listen to them. That's why I want to put them onto regular CDs to play on my "boom box" (do they still call them boom boxes?) or in my car.

It would be great if I could get 700 minutes of music onto one CD, but I am used to having just 70 minutes, so I guess I will survive if that's all I can get.

Many many thanks again for coming to my rescue!