FLV_27 file

Thanks for the suggestions. I have ImgBurn, and I'm going to search online for the specific directions how to convert the FLV file. I've only used ImgBurn once to burn a DVD, so I'm not famliar with the method. I just now tried to use the VLC Media Player to convert the file, but obviously did it incorrectly because the output was a text file. I made a copy of the original file just in case something like that happened. At WikiVideoLAN.org instructions on how to transcode using the VLC Media Player mention selecting the Transcode option to use the Transcode Wizard, but I can find no Transcode option. I can usually figure out how to use software programs, but this is a challenge. I think I need to do some more looking online for instructions for -- if that fails I'll try one of the programs you suggested.