97 JGCL stalling issues

I don't know if I'm happy to hear I'm not only one with jeep problems or sad.
I just bought a used 97 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo It had 150,000 miles on it. Was in good condition. I was excited to buy the jeep. This is my first car. I replaced the battery the day I got it. Then not even 24 hours later I got stuck at the gas station filling up. After filling up I went to start my jeep up and it would crack. It was dead as a door nail. We jumped it and it started and I pulled out and didn't even get a foot away and it died. I had it towed and found out my battery cables and connectors were bad. So we replaced that and fixed two minor leaks that I had. I got my jeep back and not even two weeks later one more on my way to work it stalled and died when making a left turn out of my neighborhood. It scared me so bad for I was in the middle of the road with traffic headed my way both ways. I put it park turned it off then back on. It turned on fine and I was back on my way. This started becoming a normal thing. I got frustrated. No matter if I babied the car or drove aggressive it would stall. I started watching it and making notes. I started noticing that when ever my gas level got passed the half tank line stalling issues would happen more often. When I asked my father what to do he basically just said well you need to stop driving so crazy.
I contacted the owner before me and asked him of some of the repairs he had done. He told me somethings he had replaced right before I bought. He had put a new fuel pump,replaced power steering pump and hoses, new spark plugs and wires, radiator. I took it to my car guy and he couldn't get it to act up on him. He did repair rear differential cover leaks, rear brakes, front rotors turned, driver side engine mount broken or missing, valve cover gasket leak, rear main seal leak, gear box leak.

I got it back had it for two weeks and it started stalling again. Took it back and it finally acted up on him. They got it to throw a code it. Turned out I needed a new computer. So we replaced the computer got an oil change and also did a tune up.
I got it back and not even a couple days later I was driving down the road in a 45MPH zone and it stalled and died in the middle of the road. I got it to crack back up and made it home safely. I then got online and started searching for answers. I then found that thousands of jeep owners are having the same problem. Wish I had known this before. Some owners did go and replace the computer some said it fixed it some said it didn't.
One user said that if the wires and connectors to the computer had to much vibration that it will become a problem. He should a cheap way under $10 at home depot to fix this problem. My boyfriend and I did the same thing it worked for two days and then I was back to a stalling jeep.

It then started jumping anytime I went from park to drive or park to reverse. It also started to forget what gear it was in while sitting. I could be at a light and try to roll up or take off and it would act if it was in neutral. It would take it a minute and then it would finally go while the people behind are honking at me to go. It did finally start backfiring when it went to stall out. It never has an engine light come on anytime it acts up. It also started not cracking in the mornings. The mornings have started being very cool so if im having problems starting it from cold im in trouble with fall/winter around the corner. It also sometimes will have a gassy smell if my air is on. If the defrost gets turned on it shakes and acts like its gonna blow up or something.

I took it back to the shop to have them take another look and asked them to check my transmission for I started getting scared that was my next problem. They finally got it to act up and do the things had told them its been doing. I then got the word that my transmission is going bad but he doesnt repair transmission but told me a guy to go see. I took it thursday to the transmission guy and he looked at it and told me my transmission is fine. He kept till today to have the other transmission guy look at it to double check things and make sure he didnt miss anything. He came back saying 100% its not the transmission. Monday the engine guy will be there and they will take a look at my engine. If all comes back fine I will be having my Idle sensor checked and there is another sensor that I cant think of at the moment.

It is frustrating me that we all seem to be making the same repairs and no one can get answers. I love my jeep. Its a great car when it is running.

Please if anyone else has any answers let me know. I hope that Jeep can fix this problem. But it sounds like all jeeps no matter the model they all have this problem.