by Unknown - 9/14/12 9:47 AM

In Reply to: .csv and blocking in Restricted Zone. by Unknown

I notice you use as an email address. I had 2 for ten years. I kept sending Spam to the Spamguard. I regret to say that I kept getting Spam that thought was blocked. I came to the conclusion that was not working. Later, I received from Yahoo saying that I had spammed a Moderator in the I said that was not right; later, I found another link on this topic in CNET. At top of the page, type "in bad news for" by darclew3. Another Moderater gave me a link to paid people.
Later, I got another email from I had turn to my other check and that meant war. MSN was planning to buy and I contacted that man giving him that link. Bottom line was yahoo was not bought. That was my old forum address. Darrell