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Hello Kees:
First and foremost: Thanks for taking the time and interest to reply to me! I really appreciate it.

I of course did not write my full information therefore creating a shorter initial message, but as I see from your replies (2) to me, creating confusion, so here are some answers and missing information you were in the dark about so far....

You wrote:
" Of course, nobody on this forum nor anybody at Dell can look at your system to see what's on its disc(s) and (try to) understand why it does what it does. And nobody but you knows how you transferred the contents of the old ATA drive to the new SATA drive."
"So I'm afraid you're on your own."

Dell (the company itself) was the source of the assistance in copying everything from the ATA Drive to my new SATA drive (especially since I purchased the new drive from them as I wanted to be 100% positive it was approved and certified to work in my older ( but new to me only had it 2 years now) 2007 Computer.

IN the second post you added:
"once you have your 4 XP's booting again (or not even booting), you might find you need to tell it about the new motherboard and SATA drive. gives the 25 steps procedure. Also you might find interesting to read."

I see I left you not understanding that I purchased the Dell computer from a professional re-seller for Dell locally who in March of last year, successfully followed those instructions (I would assume he did) and transferred the ATA Drive ( and my seperate data drives I had too) all to the new motherboard of the Optiplex 320 and left me with a working system (only one of the four XP OS were working when I gave him the drives to transfer and that is what he returned to me, the one XP Home system with dozens of programs still working).

So I was using it for a few months before I started on the planned "upgrade" to SATA drvies as this was my "inbetween computer" to slowly raise all the my drives (I must have over 15 with all the backups from Norton Ghost and etc) But every single drive until I got the new SATA drive were and still are ATA Drives.

The new 2007 computer has both ATA and SATA drive ports and will support four drives with power supply clips and bays galore! Just what I needed.

Yet this was not to be true.....

(Longer story short I got another SATA drive and installed clean XP Professional on it as I always wanted one with that, but its empty of programs, was to have been used for "new" programs that I've never installed or used over the years, that drive I used and removed from the internal bays of the computer and set aside, so I knew that SATA Drives DO work on the computer ---again I purchased that new SATA Drive from DELL to insure it would operate).

Then I got the newer 600 GB Drive as I have always had two separate drives for Data and Programs and wanted to have one new drive for all my programs together rather than swapping out drives as my older computer had hot swappable bays...

I guess you should ignore all this extra information above but I wrote it anyway in case you wondered "does SATA drives work on the 2007 Computer? and the answer is YES, I've done it and it worked.

Then I read your reply:
"Luckily, it seems you still have your ATA disk. Why not keep that as a bootable disk while using your brand new SATA disk for storage only?"

Yes! One would normally assume that is possible!

But in this particular model of Motherboard by DELL neither myself nor the re-seller nor Dell when it sold me the new SATA 600 drive for use in copying over the material from the ATA Drive to the SATA Drive realized....that you can't have ATA and SATA drives in the computer at the same time (yes you physically can, but not operating!)

The two drives refused to see each other, so copying was not possible!

Running programs from one or the other was impossible as well. The BIOS "reports" both drives and their sizes, but communication is not possible.

Dell and their technicians worked with me on the phone on the problem for months and finally pulling the plugs in and out so often and attempting to use different BIOS settings on the motherboard, that we got BSOD for the one running XP operating system. So that stopped me from playing around on the phone with Dell technicans anymore.

As its Dell's new SATA Drive I"m trying to copy to they made me a one time offer, to copy everything from my ATA Drive to their SATA Drive as Dell company did not realize until my case, that the Optiplex 320 User guide and all documentation does state that the motherboard supported four drives, and saying 2 ATA and 2 SATA ports, but never indicated that you can't have one or another of one or the other type running at the same time. (I mean you "can" but they can't "see" each other!).

And you know and I reserached the cost of data transfer, so it was a win-win situation for both of us, and I just sent off the Drives (old ATA and new SATA to Dell and they copied it and sent it back) The settings for the motherboard (I trust they did it, I sent them Letter/Email with the package reminding them to do so and just didn't want to over emphansize what it was, but they said they would use the exact same model to do the transfer (using another computer for my ATA of course) something I did not have here to do this and so the new SATA would be configured properly to the same exact computer/motherboard that I had. Really convenient and easy.

But when I got it back I got Windows 98 and Dell tried to figure out why as the settings are all the same as they used (reset to factory standard anyway) since its Windows 98 they signed off on helping me.

Since its WIndows 98, Microsoft will not help me either....

Leaving me with a drive with four operating systems on it and I can't tell which one or any of the four is doing this as the splash screen from Microsoft indicating there are four systems is missing as well after the copying was accomplished. I assume its something on the MBR, but I was assurred that everything was copied from one HDD to the other HDD.

So now you know where I am (other than "up a creek without a paddle") I do have help that has been promised to me. From Dell, should I get it back to the XP operating system again, THEN they will assist me as I still am warrantied for the software under Dell, and Microsoft has the same promise to me as the owner of the XP Home Edition, that once it boots up to XP again, THEN they can still help me (but only till 2014 I hear now).

One other thing........I always purchased my own operating system from Microsoft (remember the upgrades I mentioned in my earlier post), so the problems of the OEM changing motherboards does not apply and I've moved these programs and operating systems from one system to another over the years successfully until this ATA SATA problem, nothing really bad that I could not fix occurred.

Could you tell me if GPARTED disk partioner you reccommended is different from the Partition Commander 10 etc programs I've used to create and manage my partitions over the years? I always read that I should not "mix" things like partition creation programs else something bad could happen.

Thanks again for reading all of this.... Hope it helps!

HelpMePleaseCNET (sorry for the long handle)